Why video marketing may be the answer for your business

Many small business users seeking ways to promote their products and services are overwhelmed with writing blogs, keeping up with social accounts, and being bombarded with ‘good advice’ about how to market their business. 

But it’s not always as easy as it sounds. 

Popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter have millions of users all posting, sharing, and retweeting content in what can add up to thousands of posts per hour. 

With numbers like that, it’s easy for your social media post to get lost in the mix. 

To gain any level of attention you will need to have posts that are compelling, appealing, and engaging. 

Also not as easy as it sounds. 

Keeping up with a social media posting schedule is a PAIN. What starts out as fun often turns into a time-consuming task that is easily put off while you pay attention to other things. 

Business owners juggle a million different tasks, and it’s easy to put off making and posting new content – however, social media is a viable way to reach customers and connect with your audience.

Thinking up new and interesting content, generating graphics, and writing captions all take time and effort.

Both are in short supply for small business owners or entrepreneurs. 

Then for all that work, you may find that likes, reshares, and comments are thin on the ground, not to mention inquiries and sales.

Many business owners end up feeling like their social media management is causing a lot of work for very few results. 

This is where video marketing can provide a real advantage. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels that offer users short-form videos are a simple and easy way to reach customers.

Even without video editing skills, software like Canva offers professional-looking templates and a number of simple-to-use design tools.

Is video marketing better for business promotion?

A well-structured video marketing campaign is capable of generating results and providing you with a return on investment.

But for busy business owners that wish to leverage their video content and generate sales, it is worth asking yourself if you have the time, energy,  and skills required to schedule and maintain a social media posting calendar. 

If you feel that your time is limited, then it could be best to seek help or outsource your video marketing, effectively freeing up your time to focus on running your business. 

Professional video content managers can generate high-quality on-brand videos and take all the stress out of making and scheduling content. 

They also have access to information that can help you to get more results for your social accounts.

Using data from things like analytics, keywords, and hashtags can help direct your posts to make them more visible to the right audience. 

Outsourced video marketing

Getting better results from social marketing efforts can undoubtedly be improved by using a professional video marketing manager, but it is not always the most cost-effective route.

Many small business owners simply cannot afford the expense of outsourcing their social media marketing to professional companies and paying expensive monthly fees. 

At Content CEO we understand that cost management and expenditure is a real issues for smaller businesses and startups so we have developed a solution. 

Our Video Marketing service has been developed for company owners and local businesses to provide targeted and professional video content for your brand.

We manage your business video content and simplify your video marketing efforts with a selection of simple and affordable plans.

We can help support you with expert video marketing and ongoing advice to help maximise your social media results. 

Learn more at the Content CEO website and schedule your first video today.