7 Unique ways to repurpose content for 1000s more views

Repurpose content and use it to get THOUSANDS more views using existing blogs and articles in new and creative ways.

If your content holds VALUE, sharing it in different formats can expand your reach even further, just by converting the stuff that you’ve already written

Most writers create an article and then post it to their website for people to read, but if your work holds real VALUE then it is worth sharing it on different platforms to repurpose content creatively.

Here’s how you can do it.

1. Make content work for you

It’s a no-brainer, but share your work on your social media platforms. Add a plugin to make it easily shareable with just one click

This can encourage your followers to post it to their own accounts, which is great for gaining exposure and tapping into new audiences

Repurpose content by making it quotable, a helpful tool for automating this process is MissingLettr

This app scans your articles and creates posts by combining interesting snippets with images, you can customize posts and images, then share them on a schedule

Pretty cool😎

2. Turn articles into long-form content

Depending on how in-depth your topic is, you may be able to use it to form the basis for longer-form content like an ebook.

Perform a deep dive into the subject matter and provide detailed information to your audience. Make it helpful and insightful.

Websites like AmazonKDP make self-publishing easy

📕Upload your ebook

💰Set a price


Some writers make money solely by writing this way, and influencers share your content, it can expand your reach incredibly.

3. Convert content into videos

Repurpose content by converting into a whole new media type. YouTube is the 2nd most visited website, and sites like TikTok are growing rapidly.

A video can reach a whole new audience and build a list of subscribers and is being consumed in ever-growing numbers

Enhance the viewer experience with tools like-

🖼Custom graphics



Video content can help you reach new markets and different demographics

Use it to gain subscribers, create greater brand awareness and expand reach.

Plus, it’s fun and a fantastic visual way to connect.

4. Repurpose content into a Podcast

If you don’t relish the thought of hopping in front of the camera, this is a nice alternative, podcasts can reach users that you have been unable to engage by other methods

Repurpose content by using it as a basis, then create topics and invite experts to the broadcast

Make a step-by-step guide around your niche. How-tos can be a fast add-on to your existing content.

Expand on your writing in more detail, and present information in a new way or reduce your article into a series of simple steps that are helpful or useful to your followers.

5. Host a webinar

If your content is gaining a large amount of attention, it may be worth hosting a webinar., this gives users a chance to engage with you in real-time to ask questions, and learn more about the subject at hand.

Connect with your audience on a personal level, open the floor to discussion, and answer questions

It is a chance to build strong relationships with your followers!

6. Repurpose old articles

Don’t leave your work languishing in the content graveyard. Repurpose content that’s been around for a while by brushing it off and bringing it up to date.

📰 Review old articles

✍ Update work

👍 Make it relevant

7. Use content to serialize emails

Squeeze more life out of your content by using paragraphs and sections to create campaigns

Include supporting details like




Content can also be shared as a round-up, or an ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) piece.

Consider how your content could be reused and shared with a broader audience.

Using different methods to share and distribute your work can create a lot of bang for your buck, helping you widen your scope and reach larger audiences.

Final words

With a bit of effort and imagination, you can repurpose content in all kinds of ways to squeeze more mileage and get more visibility from it. Content old and new can be used and reused with a bit of creativity.

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