9 writing niches: find YOUR speciality!

Writing is a great way to make a living, your skills can be used to carve a rich and rewarding career path, that is both interesting and diverse, and there are many writing specialities you can work within.

Career options are varied and writing is required almost everywhere. Digital content marketing, advertising, the options are almost unlimited for talented content writers and copywriters..

Drill down into these writing niches to determine which is your area of expertise

1. Copy writing

One of the most recognisable writing niches used to generate ads, or copy for marketing and sales.

Frequently used to build brand awareness and,

▪ Craft promotional material
▪ Understand advertising
▪ Be persuasive

Copywriters must be able to write action-driving copy

2. Web content writing

Planning, editing, and publishing web content requires a writer who can create things like

▪Scripts (podcast or video)

Writers need to have strong research skills and creativity, to create anything from an article to a landing page

3. SEO writing

Related to web content writing but this writing niche is more technical.

Writers focus on delivering high-quality content built around specific keywords that align with user intent.

Writers will need to be aware of SEO principles to help content rank, like

▪H1, H2 headers
▪Alt text

4. Blogging

Content created by someone who runs their own blog or writes for other blogs

Can be some crossover with SEO writing niches as bloggers will want their content to rank high to attract clicks and views

Shares opinions, insights, and educates on their chosen subject matter

5. E-book writing niches

Creating extended, long-form content for self-publishing, or people working in this writing niche may write on someone else’s behalf without receiving credit (ghostwriting)

Some writers make their entire income from publishing ebooks, providing novels, factual information, and specialised guides.

With hundreds of genres available there are many different areas of speciality to pick from.

6. Public Relations writing

Writing press releases and articles for news and the latest events

Public relations writers will need to be able to create editorially strong pieces to attract readers and deliver a brand message on behalf of companies.

Writers should possess creativity and excellent research skills to generate compelling copy, and as far as writing niches go, this is one of the less common ones selected as a stand-alone service.

7. Newsletter/Email Writing

Some writers specialise in creating emails and/or newsletters for promotional purposes, this can be performed as a singular service or is often seen supplied in combination with other writing niches such as content or ad writing.

Newsletter and email writers will need to adapt their style to reflect different brand voices

Must be articulate enough to:

▪Attract attention
▪Relate to customers
▪Drive action

8. News and editorial writing niches

Journalistic writing has a style all of its own, content will need to be brief, factual, and objective to create a balanced and unbiased viewpoint on events or news.

It can require creating writing for niches within broader areas such as news reporting, feature writing, or reviews.

News writers will most likely be expected to use AP style writing when drafting editorial pieces which uses specific rules for things like spelling, capitalisation, and:


9. Proposal writing

Specialists in grant writing, investment pitches, or business proposals will be able to communicate precisely and clearly

Turning intricate instructions into easy-to-decipher documents.

Proposal writers need to be skilled at creating a persuasive document that elicits support or fundraising for a project or initiative.

Must have superb verbal and interpersonal skills combined with strategic planning ability to be successful in this writing niche,


This is by no means a definitive list of writing niches and there are still many other types of writing careers available.

Including writing niches like:

▪Technical Writing
▪Medical Writing
▪Speech Writing

Depending on where your writing skills and talents lie, you may prefer one type of writing niche over another and performing specialised services can lead to a rewarding and interesting career path for writers.

Opportunities are abundant for freelancing or growing your content writing niche into an entire content agency that specialises in a specific industry.

The great part about finding your perfect writing niche for your career is that it can be steered and scaled to suit your needs and ambitions and earning potential is often unlimited.

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